Higher Love - Kygo Remix - xLights Sequence

Higher Love - Kygo Remix - xLights Sequence

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Give your xLights light show a 'wow' factor by adding this classic yet beautifully remastered version of Higher Love by Kygo, available in both Halloween and Christmas layouts.

Video Preview:

I am finalizing the sequence on a new layout. It will be available soon.


  • Audio (mp3) file not included but can be purchased here.
  • Includes sequence file and mapping guide.
  • Available in Christmas or Halloween Mapping - Some effects require slightly different layer and effect settings (think tombs vs mini trees), which we've taken care of for you. Want both? Email us after purchase.
Props/Groups Included:
  • All Display (Matrix)
  • All Display (No Matrix)
  • Whole House (Outlines & Props)
  • Column Matrices
  • Gilbert Engineering Corner Webs
  • Outlines:
    • House Outline (All)
    • Horizontals - House
    • Horizontals - All (Windows/Doors/Garage)
    • Verticals - House
    • Verticals - All (Windows/Doors/Garage)
    • Garage Outline
  • Singing Props:
    • 2x Gilbert Engineering Singing Bulbs
    • Hatitude Quartet
  • Spinners
    • Spinners Small Group
    • Spinners Small Spokes Group
    • Spinners Large
    • Spinners Large Group
    • Hattitude Quartet
    • Hattitude Quartet Ring Group
  • Spiral Trees
  • Tombs Group
  • Spiders Group
  • Arches Group
  • Matrix
  • Yard Outline